Easter Eggs - U




1. Navigate to the Special Features menu.

2. Select "Deleted Scenes." Press ENTER.

3. Now at the Deleted Scenes menu, select "Special Features." Press DOWN.

4. "Deleted" will be highlighted. Press ENTER.

On Bluray

1. From the Feature Menu select "Director's Script Notes." Press RIGHT.

2. A design is highlighted in the space between "Director's Script Notes" and "Trailers." Press ENTER.

Usual Suspects, The

All Easter Eggs

1. Insert Disc 2.

2. Select "Featurettes." Press UP.

3. "The Usual Suspects" logo will be selected. Press ENTER.

4. Select the "Quartet" sign. Press ENTER.

5. Select the "Guatemala." Press ENTER.

6. Select the mug shot photo. Press ENTER.

7. Select the broken coffee cup. Press ENTER.

8. A menu will appears allowing access to both Easter Eggs on this release.