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Are you a DVD/Blu-ray collector? Do you obsessively watch each and every special feature included on your discs? Then you are probably wondering if the latest release of your favorite title has anything new to offer that would justify a repeat purchase.

What is Double Dipping?

"Double Dipping" is the practice of re-releasing a movie on DVD or Blu-ray after it has been previously released. Sometimes a title is released with the same content, additional content, or omission of previously released content. There are even times where the names of specific features are the same or similar but the content of those features differ.

So What is this site?

This site contains compiled lists of special features found on Region 1 DVDs and Region A Blu-Rays along with an indication of what feature appears on what release. Entries are footnoted when necessary for clarification or to provide additional information. By looking at the matrix of special features for a particular title you can decide if a recently released version of a movie is worth upgrading your existing copy to, or you can see what older releases you need to obtain to view all special features for a title. Not all double dips are a bad thing. If substantial additional content is present then a reasonably priced double dip can be a welcome addition to a collector's library.

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Whenever possible we try to verify the data on this site first hand. We have access to an extensive DVD and Blu-ray collection so we do what we can. When we can't verify the data ourselves, we crawl the web looking at various reviews, news, and product information pages to create the data. We also hope some of you will use the submission feature on the contact form to send data in.


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How Can I Contact You?

If you have a comment, suggestion, correction, or you would like to submit a special features comparison for a title use the Contact Form.